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Sex and Sexuality:
"I feel guilty about what I let my gf do."

Hey Terra,

I was with my girlfriend one night, and she asked if she could give me oral sex. I finally let her do it, and it felt really good. Now, I'm a normal, church going type of guy, and have a lot of guilt about the whole situation.

What should I do?



Dear Desperately,

I have no way of knowing what your church has to say about situations like this, but my guess is, since you're feeling guilty, you feel what you did was wrong. Your Inner Voice was telling you it was wrong, but you decided to ignore it. Your girlfriend knew you weren't comfortable with the idea, but she kept pressuring you, which is also wrong.

Sexual activities may feel good on a physical level, but if you are conflicted about whether this is the "right" thing for you, you will always feel some "guilt" after the fact. The guilt is going to stay with you longer than the "good" feelings.

Talk to your girlfriend and let her know how you're feeling. Let her know what your boundaries are and stick to them!

In friendship,


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