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Sexual orientation:
"I have to come out to my parents."

Hey Terra,

My problem is, I like girls. Why is that a problem? Because I'm a girl. I'm fine with that, and I'm out to my friends (but not my parents). The problem enters when trying to find someone to date. I live in a small town, and there is no gay/lesbian group. Start one?

No way. I have to come out to my parents first, and that is going to be a long and laborious process. I'm 15, so I can't exactly go to any clubs in neighboring cities. I don't know what to do -- it's annoying me because I've been single for a very long time, and on top of that, I need someone that can identify with me. Most of my queer friends are older and go to college in another city, and never seem to have this problem. There's just such an assumed heterosexuality in our culture, that even I assume girls are straight and don't talk to them. Help!

Single Girl


Dear Single Girl,

For The InSite we interviewed an amazing girl your age who is a lesbian. Her name is Gina DeVries and she shared her coming out story with me. I think you should read it.

You will also find other coming out stories on this page. The sooner you can be honest with the people who you care most about, the happier you will be. Remember, you're not alone!

In friendship,


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