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Wish I had one:
"How can I snag my crush?"

Hey Terra,

How can I snag my crush???...

He have a mutual understanding with his girlfriend and I know he have a crush on me coz before he court me and ask would he be my boyfriend? and I make busted, coz that time I don't like him. The day when he have a girlfriend I fall in love with him. I don't know how thus the communication will work again? Yes, we're close to each other but how can I snag him AGAIN?

Please help me...



Dear Ouch,

If his "mutual understanding" with his girlfriend says that neither of them will "court" other people, then I'd say you should leave him alone. He's got a girlfriend and he isn't free and single. You say that you didn't like him when he liked you but then as soon as he got a girlfriend you "fell in love" with him. I wonder if you felt suddenly jealous that he wasn't interested in your any more, and that it was your pride and your hurt ego that make you want to "snag" him back. If so, that's not a great reason to try to get him back (assuming that he wants to get back with you.

Your thoughts?

In friendship,


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