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Features of The InSite

Me, Myself, & I – talking about self-image, emotions, and just the facts on health, sex, and drugs.

Relationships Unlimited – your relationships with your parents, sibs, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, authority figures, and how to find a relationship.

Justice Now – all about social justice – making sure everybody is treated fairly.

Spaceship Earth – about the environment – it’s our only planet, better take care of it!

The Gallery – a place to send in your writing, art, photography, music, media reviews. We’re building this into an on-line cultural exchange among the most creative young minds on the planet. Read stories, poems,and essays from all corners of The InSite. Check out our new “In My Opinion” area, and the writings of our Teen Editorial Board.

Hey Terra! – you can send questions about anything to Terra, a wise being who’s been around long enough to know plenty, but not so long that she’s forgotten what it’s like to be a teen.

The Storya teen soap opera you can participate in through email.

Been There – these are stories featuring young people who have, well... been there and have plenty to say about what it was like for them and what they learned!

Solutions in Sight – these features target amazing individuals and groups who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place.

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About The InSite

If you’re a teen or young adult, and have ever thought about making a difference, then The InSite was designed for you. We’re here to give you the information, the inspiration, and many possible game plans so you can take positive charge of your life. It’s all about discovering real ways to make the planet, as well as your own personal corner of it, a saner, cleaner, more equitable place to live. By focusing on doing what it takes to make things better and sharing the personal stories of people actively involved in all aspects of that process, The InSite will help you unleash the infinite power for positive change within us all.

The InSite first launched in 1997 as part of the online community, Talk City, produced by LiveWorld, Inc. After changing ownership several times, The InSite is now back in the hands of its creators, Annie and David Fox.

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The InSite Credits

Annie Fox – Creator, Producer, Content Designer, Writer

David Fox – Producer

Amy Jo Kim – Navigation Design, Initial Art Direction

Good Dog Design – Visual Design, Layout and Implementation

Tom Gooden – Art Direction, Site Management

Laura Foley – Visual Design, Art Production

Henry Gooden – Site Architecture, HTML Coding, General Production

Deborah Roberts – Editing, HTML Coding, Research

Shannon Russell – Assistant Research Editor

Peg Shalen, MFCC – Consultant, Additional Writing

Wendy Zheutlin – Research, Additional Writing

Special Thanks to: Ivy Chen (Planned Parenthood), John Coxford (TATU) and Peter Friedman (who gave us the “go ahead”).


“I fundamentally believe that if you bring people together—people on the edge of greatness—and you push them over that edge together, great things result. This is the extraordinary potential of the Internet: the opportunity to bring people together and in that context expand their human experience.”

—Peter Friedman,
   CEO LiveWorld, Inc.
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