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Gossip – by Alice, 16, Australia

Honey – by Stephanie, 20, Los Angeles, CA

Not Knowing – by Lindsay, 17

Alice, 16


Don't bother hiding your faces

When I know your voice like I know my own

And I know what you are saying

So don't pretend that you don't

I set myself up for this

So I'm not looking for sympathy

I just want you to realize

That you can't hide it from me


Why is it that we can't just hurt each other bluntly

That way its all over so fast

Instead its driving the knife and taking time to turn it

While you are running I am laughing at you from behind


It's so pathetic

I just don't get it

Why don't you make it worth your while

Instead of wasting your time

You're just not worth it

Do I deserve this?

You're making it easy for yourself

It drives me up the wall

Stephanie, 20

Los Angeles, CA

Don't you realized that
when you sleep next to your man
I am laid awake at night

I long to kiss you
to hold you
to feel close to you

I miss you
I long for you
when I cry
I long for you to wipe way the tear
to comfort me

Not Knowing
Lindsay, 17

Not knowing what might have been
Makes me think of what could happen.
Not knowing what we could have been
Makes me wonder where we would be.
Now knowing what I didn’t say
Makes me wonder what you tried to.

You don’t know the way I feel around you
You don’t know I cry because you are far away
You don’t know my heart breaks whenever I leave you
You don’t know how I fight with myself because of you

I will go on
I will get my head above the water
I will press on
If something should happen, so be it
I will be ready when you tell me
I won’t be the first.


M A K E   I T

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