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Volume 2, Number 2                                  January 20, 1998
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	*   New Additions to The InSite Website
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                New Additions to The InSite Website
*Your opinion is important!*           *Your opinion is important!*

The Story   The Story   The Story   The Story   The Story   The Story


So -

It's been 14 weeks now, and Chaz, Dee, Becca, and Miguel have experienced
quite a lot in that short time. Their journal entries show just how hard
it can be being a teen or a young adult -- they also show some of the joy
too. For example:


Chaz's Journal

"I still haven't figured out her [Becca's] reaction. I mean, I thought
she said she just wanted to be friends. She did say that when I asked
her to the dance. So what is the deal here?"


Is Becca playing games with Chaz? What do you make of this?

Becca's Journal

"Chaz is hardly talking to me. All right, well, I'm not exactly talking
to him either. This is a total and complete mess!"


How is Dee handling that problem with Juan?

From Dee's Journal

"I told him, 'If you go beat up Juan then it becomes a guy thing. You
know, these two guys fighting over their property or something. This
isn't about you, Miguel. This is about me. It's a girl thing... and this
girl can take care of herself.'"


So what is Miguel doing about it?

Ahhhh! That would be telling!!!

Find out for yourself at The InSite -- and you can send them your advice!
Visit the site for The Story listed below and email any one of them (or
all of them!) about what you would do in their shoes. Your advice can
influence the direction that The Story takes. So bookmark the site and
help them...now!

The URL for The Story is:


and let them know what you think about the way their lives are going.


  New Addition to the site! -------- New Addition to the site!

Don't forget to check out the Transcripts section of The InSite's
web site. This is a growing collection of transcripts from previous
conferences. This week there are four new transcripts from conferences
that took place in November and December, as well as our Transcript of
the Week, which was recorded on Wednesday 14th of January, 1998.

                * * *Our Feature Transcript* * *

    "Joline: An Income of her Own is an organization that encourages
teen women to look at how they make an income, not just take an income.
90% of all women will be completely responsible for their own economic
issues at some point in their lives.

    Joline: At An Income of Her Own we help them prepare, so that
creating an income of your own is seen as sexy, fun, and empowering! We
try to help you figure out how to make a job, Not just take one!"

Check out the transcripts section of The InSite this week for an
important transcript -- Joline Godfrey from An Income of Her Own discusses
the vital work that her organization is doing for women who seek
financial independence. Visit the AIOHO web site (links are available in
the transcript) -- you can subscribe to the AIOHO newsletters, find out
about Camp Start Up, chat to one of the women entrepreneurs who have
benefited from involvement with AIOHO, or have your teen business linked
to the site. There are lots of other interesting links as well -- visit
the site, and benefit from AIOHO's vision of financial independence for
women form 15 to 60!

                        Conference Updates

As well as Joline's conference, there are a number of other conferences
in #TheInSite that I attended this week and that I would highly

ClemaTIS runs an excellent conference on Friday Nights at 5:30 PM PT
entitled "You and Your Parents." The format is relaxed, with conference
participants being encouraged to contribute their opinions and solutions
to ClemaTIS's thought provoking questions.

On Wednesday night at 5:00PM PT: Spaceship Earth. Last Wednesday was
really Spaceship material. Our guest was BrendaF from the Fels
Planetarium, and her conference on astronomy was excellent.

Not to forget the other great conferences that we have in #TheInSite. If
there is one comment that we hear about our conferences, it is this-
"It's great to find a room where people discuss relevant issues!"

                  Getting to Know The InSite Web site

Want to display some of your computer art, but don't know how to go
about it? The InSite has a section that allows you to display your
computer art! In "The Gallery," budding artists can display their works
to the world. If you have computer generated art that you would like to
have included on this page, please email me  [email protected] for
details about format and uploading of graphic files.

We would love to see your work!

                           Bits And Pieces

Hiya folks....

Have an idea for a conference that you think would be relevant to The
InSite? We are always interested in what you the subscriber consider to
be important issues that should be discussed. We want to hear from you.

If you have any ideas that might be useful for conference material -- or
for a series of ongoing conferences, please let me know. Send mail to
[email protected] with your suggestions -- or complaints. We want you
to feel that your input is valued -- because it is!

Also -- don't forget --

We try to have #TheInSite and #TheInSite2 staffed as much as possible --
we aim to provide a safe, pleasant environment for our chatters that is
free of harassment, bad behavior and bad language. Unfortunately,
staffing these rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just isn't possible
at the moment. So if you have any problems with the behavior of other
people in the channels, feel free to contact the CSA (Community
Standards Advisors). Type:

    /msg CSA Help!

then when the CSA replies, state what room you are in and the nature of
the problem


That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor -- tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite. The next edition of

will be posted on 2/02/98, and an archive copy of "OuttaSight!" vol2
no2 will soon be available from The InSite home page:
or   http://www.theinsite.org/



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