Solutions in Sight: Sex

Here are stories about young people who looked around and saw a problem that needed a serious fix. They believed they could make a difference, and, in spite of lots of opposition, they actually went ahead and did it! These stories are about young people making a difference on issues around Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and sexual orientation.

Health Initiatives for Youth (H.I.F.Y.), Kim Compoc - STDs: "Young people said for a long time, 'Stop with the Just Say No!' programs... There's no finger pointing, there's no telling people how to live their lives. It's just 'This is what my life is like.' So you make your own choices based on what you hear."


Teenage Pregnancy Parenting Project (T.A.P.P), Joan Pezanowski - "We find out where they are in their lives and what kind of services they are needing."

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