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               Welcome to the early November '97 issue of:
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Volume I, Number 5                                   November 3, 1997
In this issue:
      *   New Additions to The InSite Website
      *   Conference updates
      *   Getting to know The InSite Website
      *   Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite
      *   Bits and pieces
                New Additions to The InSite Website
General Chat in #TheInSite

    Much and all as The InSite loves to see our visitors to #TheInSite
have fun and enjoy themselves with general chat, it can be disruptive
when a conference is disrupted by people insisting on off-topic general
chat during our conferences. To overcome this problem, we can now
announce the arrival of

 $ $  $$$$$$$ $             $$$         $$$$$      $           $$$$
$$$$$    $    $              $          $          $          $    $
 $ $     $    $$$$$  $$$$$   $   $$$$$  $$$$$  $ $$$$$  $$$$$     $
$$$$$    $    $   $  $   $   $   $   $      $  $   $    $   $  $$$
 $ $     $    $   $  $$$$$   $   $   $      $  $   $    $$$$$ $
         $    $   $  $       $   $   $      $  $   $    $     $
         $    $   $  $$$$$  $$$  $   $  $$$$$  $   $    $$$$$ $$$$$$

        As of October 31 1997 there are now TWO #TheInSite rooms.

#TheInSite is designated as the conference room where our "topical"
conferences will take place. #TheInSite2 is a 24 hour a day "casual"
chat room for teens and young adults.

        We would like to ask our chatters to transfer to #TheInSite2
during conferences, or better still, to make #TheInSite2 your regular
TheInSite chat room. Thanks for your continuing support :)


The Story

Read The Story yet? Check it out! Read the journals, follow the story,
and send email!

"Sophomore year sure looks like major bad news for transfer students
Chaz, Dee, Becca and Miguel. New to Sandale High, they're forced to
work on an English project together and it looks like hate at first
sight. It's going to be a VERY long year, or is it?"

 "Chaz loves moving fast and being on his own. He's not into rules,
except ones he makes for himself. He Says 'Be you. Be True.'"

 "Dee's got style and tons of friends. She always gets her way. But
something's missing. She needs a friend who cares."

 "Becca's always had amazing grades and no dates. New school. New
chance to be different. Is it finally time to relax and have fun?"

 "Miguel's trying to hold on to his culture and also fit in. An
ex-gang member, he just wants to be accepted for who he is, on his

And guess what? You can influence the decisions that they make! Check
out The Story at


or click on the spiral motif on the homepage and look for The Story in
the "What's New?" column


In Justice Now this week we have an article in the continuing series
on Stereotypes. This week:

Mental Retardation

"We are all individuals with something positive to offer. A society
which once hid people with disabilities behind closed doors is now
learning to embrace and accept them. Inclusion, a movement within
schools to include children with disabilities in regular schools
settings, and the Americans with Disabilities Act each point to a
society more willing to accept and deal with differences between



Also new in Justice Now: Solutions in Sight: Social Justice

International Student Activism Alliance (ISAA)

A Conversation with Ben Smilowitz

"International Student Activism Alliance (ISAA) was founded in
November 1996 by three Connecticut high school students: Ben
Smilowitz, Jamie Rinaldi, and Abe Walker. In a very short time they
have managed to put together a highly effective student network of
ISAA chapters. They are working together and individually on a wide
range of student issues. ISAA is about students taking charge of their
lives, using their voice and making a difference!"



Also this month in Solutions in Sight: Social Justice

A Conversation with Hugh Vasquez of the Todos Institute

"Todos, the Spanish word for "everyone," was started in 1985 by Hugh
Vasquez, Ricky Sherover-Marcuse, and Harrison Simms. They began
working with high school students on issues of race, gender and class,
focusing on how to break down barriers and create alliances between
groups. Today Todos Institute is building a movement where people
"unlearn" the racism that lies within them."



The Youth Commission

A Conversation with Alexander Jhin

"Now 17, Alexander has worked as a liaison between county government
and youth with the Marin County Youth Commission since he was 12. He's
off to college in September, but has learned a tremendous amount about
the way government does and does not work."



Solutions in Sight: Relationships: Conflict Resolution

Community Service: Volunteers Give and Get: A Conversation with
Michael Osborne

During his senior year, a time when most high school students take a
well deserved rest, Michael was part of a unique "Peer Mediation"
project. Using conflict resolution skills, he was part of team that
worked to make the peace between feuding factions in his school. After
graduation he took his skills to a special summer camp near his home
in Raleigh County, West Virginia. There he worked with kids at risk
and discovered that as a volunteer, he personally gained as much than
the young people he helped.



     To access all this great new material, visit our website at


   and click on the "new" image in the top left corner of the spiral
icon, or simply click HERE.


                        Conference Updates

  *Put these in your Diary!*             *Put these in your Diary!*

The following are new conferences that have been added to #TheInSite
for the month of November

The InSite:   About Face - Learning to Love Your Looks
Host: TreeTIS
Cohost: NerioTIS
Day:  Monday
Time:  6.00-7.00pm PT

Kathy Bruin hated the way women were portrayed in the media, so she
decided to do something about it. She formed "About Face."  Join the
people from this organization to chat about concepts of beauty,
accepting one's size and looks, and getting away from the so-called
"ideals" we see in magazines and on TV.


Important Conference!  Important Conference!  Important Conference!

The InSite:  Date Rape - The Secret Crime
Host: LilyCCC
Cohost:  ReCCCluse
Day:  Monday
Time:  7.00-8.00pm PT

It is said that Date Rape is the crime of the 90's.  Certain drugs and
alcohol have contributed to the increase in this crime. Come to this
conference to learn about Date Rape, how it happens, how to prevent this
from happening to you, and to share experiences with those who have been
through it!


The InSite:   Your Voice
Host:  atlanTIS
Cohost: TISwise
Day:  Wednesday
Time:  7.00-8.00pm PT

Teens and young adults need a place to speak their minds about what's
going on in the world around them.  "Your Voice" provides the forum, and
#TheInSite provides the place.  Join atlanTIS, TISwise, and TreeTIS in a
"coffeehouse" atmosphere to discuss news, politics, and important issues
that affect all of us every day.


   You opinions count!  You opinions count!  You opinions count!

The InSite:  Friends
Host: TISmarc
Cohost: TISatori
Day: Thursday
Time:  8.30-9.30pm PT

Having friends and keeping them is such an important part of our lives.
Join TISmarc and TISatori as they explore the dynamics of the friend
relationship. TISmarc, who is trained in the Dale Carnegie Course, "How
to Win Friends and Influence People," has much to share!


The InSite:   Netiquette
Host: TISmarc
Cohost: TreeTIS
Day: Friday
Time:  6.30-7.30pm PT

New to the internet and #TheInSite and #TheInSite2? Do the hosts keep
asking you to lower your capslock or to stop scrolling and you have no
idea why?  Join TISmarc and TreeTIS as they explain the ins and outs of
internet etiquette for the beginner and answer questions for both
novices and experienced users.


The following conferences have been deleted as of 11/1/97

The InSite: The Drug Zone
Friday 4.30PM PT

The InSite: Your Body and You
Thursday 3.00 PM PT

                  Getting to Know The InSite Website

Don't you just hate it when some older person starts criticizing
young people? You know you are about to get one of those "When I was
a boy/girl" stories that seems to prove that they probably had no
life. Actually, they probably did have a life - those people who are
parents of older teens were teens themselves in the '60's - and they
probably had THEIR parents telling "When I was a..." stories. Older
people can have selective memories at times.

The truth is though - sometimes parents really don't understand the
things that teens and young adults have to deal with. Want to clue
them in to what is going on in the world today? Give them a guided
tour of The InSite website - it is full of great information for both
young people AND parents. Point your web browser to:


Hint: If the significant olders in your life are computer illiterate,
show them how to find their way around the web site using the mouse.
Who knows, it might help you the next time you want a few dollars for
a night out ;)

                        Biographies - Your Hosts

Name: ManTIS
Co-manager, The InSite

    Hi all! :)

    My name is Geoff - I live in Sydney, Australia and I am 46 years
old. I have two children - Andrew and Lauren - in their late teens. I
have been involved in a variety of occupations in my life - teacher,
cab driver, movie gopher, ironworker, salesman - to use an Australian
expression, "a knockabout sorta bloke."

    The first computer that I owned was a TRS 80 Model-II in 1981 - I
loved it - all 16K of it! Since then I have owned a few computers - the
latest being a Mac LC 575 that is the backbone of my work online. My
first experience of the Internet was in April 1995 when I hooked up a
modem to the LC, fired up the eWorld install software - and was hooked!
Since then I have been a regular chatter on eWorld and Talk City, and
was Coordinator of the Transformations Forum while eWorld was still

    I believe that the Internet is the way of the future - I also
believe that The InSite is performing a wonderful job in bringing
young people together and providing them with the materials to face
the beginning of the next millennium. To all those involved in this
Forum - keep up the good work!


                           Bits And Pieces

That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite

                           "Outta Sight!"

will be posted on 11/17/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!"
will soon be available from The InSite home page:
or   http://www.theinsite.org/

Keep coming back :)


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