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               Welcome to the Mid November '97 issue of:
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Volume I, Number 6                                   November 17, 1997
In this issue:
      *   New Additions to The InSite Website
      *   Conference updates
      *   Getting to know The InSite Website
      *   Bios - your hosts in #TheInSite
      *   Bits and pieces
                New Additions to The InSite Website
*New This week!           *New This Week!           *New This Week!

Justice Now, You Be The Judge (real U.S. court cases involving teen
issues relating to freedom and privacy) has a new case for you to vote

Case 3: Separation of Church and State - Can a school force you to pray
in class?

Read the case - and vote on what you think that the decision should be!


*Your opinion is important!*           *Your opinion is important!*

Things aren't going too well for Dee right at the moment - her
Grandmother died. What does Miguel think of that? And what did Becca
think of Chaz's poem? And what advice would you give to them all?

You can be part of The Story - and Dee, Chaz, Becca and Miguel would
value your advice!

            Check it out in The InSite/Gallery/The Story:


or click on the spiral motif on the homepage and look for The Story in
the "What's New?" column.


*Congratulations!*     *Congratulations!*      *Congratulations!*

To all the TIS hosts who have recently become CCCs. They include:

CCCaravan (AtlanTIS), KeaCCC (TreeTIS), StormCCC (StormTIS), GalaxCCC
(TISwise), and FreeCCC (GraTIS)

As well, other #TheInSite hosts are in training for CCC qualifications.
This can only mean that #TheInSite will continue to improve in the
quality of the conferences and chat that it provides to our casual and
regular visitors :)


This month, in Solutions In Sight, two great new interviews!

A Conversation with Kathy Bruin, from "About-Face"

"All these little things made me wonder why we allow this and what I
    could do. It's just so unfair that a young girl can't grow up and
    like her new curves and her new breasts and her new round bottom.
    Girls are made to feel self-conscious about their bodies and their
    male peers are not."

A Conversation with Poorva Pandy, Carly Davidson, Laurel Kellner, and
Carmel Adkisson from "Transforming Communities"

"There's this whole "Cycle of Violence" where in the beginning both
    people are in love and everything is really great. Then they get
    into a little fight, nothing really big... and slowly it escalates,
    because maybe he sees her talking to some other guy and gets really
    mad. And then maybe he yells at her or pushes her or hits her. Then
    afterwards he apologizes and promises that it won't ever happen
    again and he acts all sweet for a while. Then the whole thing starts
    up all over again."

Check out Solutions In Sight -



     To access all this great new material, visit our website at:


   and click on the "new" image in the top left corner of the spiral
icon, or simply click HERE.


                        Conference Updates

  *Put these in your Diary!*             *Put these in your Diary!*

Some of the great conferences that you can look forward to this month:

The InSite: You and the Crowd
Hosts:  PeaCCCe and TISwise
Day: Friday
Time:  3:00-4:00pmPT

PeaCCCe and TISsue address a different topic each week. These topics
have been chosen by YOU, our participants, so join us to talk about such
subjects as My Hero/Heroine; Behavior: Being Them or Being You; Music:
It's Okay to Like Country, and more!


The InSite: Eliminating Racism
Host:  LilyCCC
Cohost: BluesCCC
Day:  Wednesday
Time:  3:00-4:00pm

Staff of the Todos Institute discuss the causes of racism and what we
can do to make our communities better places to live.


The InSite: Spaceship Earth
Host:  CCCanine
Cohost: TreeTIS
Day:  Wednesday
Time:  5:00-6:00pmPT

The Earth is our island home. Taking care of it is our responsibility. Be
with CCCanine and TreeTIS, and talk about how we can work together to
save our planet. Come chat with us about this very vital area of life.

                  Getting to Know The InSite Website


OK - so where does that URL take me? The simple answer is - to The InSite's
Relationships page. It has great information for dealing with the people
in your life!

For example,

As you grow up and become more independent you and your parents have to
adjust to your changing wants and needs. Even though they love you and
want to see you growing up, this usually causes conflict. You can either
fight them all the way (which usually ends up with nobody winning) - or
you can negotiate. Haven't got good negotiation skills? Then use the
Conflict Resolution "Tool Kit," and teach your parents to use it too.
(Things will go smoother for all of you!!)

                        Biographies - Your Hosts
Kelly Hills
#TheInSite Hosting Co-Coordinator

NerioTIS has been on-line off and on now for 11 years. She has been on
Talk City since... well, the very beginning, as she is an eWorld

Her interests are varied, and include writing, reading, film, and
drawing. Some of her friends think she is twisted, since she loves
following various disease outbreaks that happen in the world (when she
grows up, she wants to be an epidemiologist ;-). Her most passionate
hobby is researching mythology, religion, fairy tales, and folk lore.
Within that, she is captivated by the various versions of gods and
vampires that have existed.

You can find Nerio on-line weekdays hosting a variety of conferences,
ranging from comedy (Life Lite) to very serious (Planned Parenthood).

                           Bits And Pieces

I continue to be amazed by this thing called the Internet. Last night
StormTIS messaged me in Talk City, and said that when his computer had
recently crashed, he had lost his copy of Outta Sight vol. 1 no. 4,
which contained his biography. Could I send him another copy please?

Within a minute, he had a copy of Outta Sight vol. 1 no. 4 in his mail.
OK - so what's so amazing about that? Nothing I suppose, except that
StormTIS lives in England and I live in Australia. For me to have sent
him that information snail mail it would have taken about a week.

What an amazing thing the Internet is!


That's it for this edition. Do your friends a favor - tell them about
The InSite and #TheInSite

                           "Outta Sight!"

will be posted on 12/01/97, and an archive copy of "Outta Sight!"
will soon be available from The InSite home page:
or   http://www.theinsite.org/


Keep coming back :)



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