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Entry #3: All guys are creeps!


All I can say is this has been the day from hell! It's Saturday, right? And even though it was after 12, I did not need to have a phone wake me up! But it did. And my sister, Felicia, picks it up and I hear her say, "Oh, hi, Kyle!" in this giggly, gag me, "Don't you think I'm sexy?" voice that she puts on whenever she thinks it will help.

I don't think I've mentioned Kyle. He works at Straws, the music store. He also plays in a band called Ragin' 'Mones and let me tell you, he is hot! I met him a couple of days after we moved here. It was my little brother Trevor's birthday and I knew he wanted the new No Fear album so I went to Straws, 'cause I heard it was a good store with friendly vibes. Totally true! 'Cause I just walked in and there was Kyle who flashed me the finest smile and asked if he could help me. Now, you know how some guys say something like that and they're looking you up and down and thinking all kinds of nasty things? But Kyle wasn't like that. He was really respectful and I felt relaxed around him, which isn't something I usually feel around cute guys, you know. Anyway, I told him what I was looking for and he showed me where to find it. Turns out it was even on sale, so, like, cool! And while he was gift wrapping Trevor's CD, we talked and it turns out he knew someone at my old school that we both agreed was a total jerk. So that was kinda funny. Then Kyle said "Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope I see you around." So I gave him my phone number (to make it easier for him) and he thanked me and I left.

That was a month ago and he never called. Not like he actually said he would or anything, but, you know. Anyway, that brings me to this morning and me wondering why Felicia was talking to my Kyle!?

After she got off I asked her how she knew Kyle and she said she'd met him at... guess where? Straws! And that they were going out 'cause it was his day off! I couldn't believe it! But I was cool and didn't say anything 'cause the last thing I wanted was for Felicia to mouth off to Kyle that her sister had a crush on him or something. Then the two of them could get a good laugh over that. No way! So while she was in the shower, singing and being all excited about her date, I went into her room and took her black crop top, the one she always wears when she's trying to look sexy. And I put it on and got out of the house real quick!

I didn't really know where I was going but it felt good to be outside. It was just starting to rain a little and I was kinda imagining that the drops were washing away my bad mood. When I passed the park I saw Trevor shooting baskets with a couple of kids. He asked me where I was going and I said "The movies" (don't ask me why.) And Trevor said he really wanted to see Avengers II and could he come with me? Not my kinda film at all, but, hey, I had nothing better to do and I like being with Trevor. He's such a happy little kid and he's still at the age where he's not afraid to show how much he loves me.

So we get to the movies and I'm hoping we can go right in and sit down, without seeing anyone I knew 'cause I didn't have time to do my make-up or anything before I left the house. And who's standing in line right in front of us? Miguel and his little brother Ray! It turns out the Trevor knows Ray from school and they're like buds. So the two little kids decide to sit together and that kinda left me and Miguel sitting together. Okay, I think, this could be interesting. I mean, I kinda like Miguel and he was so sweet to his brother. Buying him candy and making sure he and Trevor were sitting where no one would bother them and all. It was nice watching him.

So the lights go off and I'm feeling kinda cozy sitting in the dark next to Miguel. I'm thinking that I didn't really care about all that stuff with Felicia and Kyle and maybe this day was going to turn out okay. Maybe better than okay. Then the movie started and it was really loud and violent and the whole attitude toward women... gimme a break! There was this one scene where these low lifes were sitting around drinking in this bar and this woman walks by and one of the guys makes some rude comment about the size of her breasts. And the others start pushing each other and cracking up. Some guys in the audience were laughing at what that fool said and I got really mad at all of them, for being such pigs. Then I looked at Miguel and he was laughing too! That did it. I just grabbed my stuff and told Miguel to tell Trevor I'd meet him outside! And I left.




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