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Entry #2: My brilliant idea.


We had our first group meeting yesterday during English and Becca tried to take charge of the whole thing. Every time she opens her mouth she totally talks down to everyone. Like she's the only person in the world who has a brain. It makes me crazy! But I played it cool... I mean, why should I let a dork know that she can get me upset? Anyway I was sitting there listening to her talk about this really weird idea she had for a play with... get this... "life sized paper dolls!" And she was all excited about it and trying to sound all deep and philosophical or something. She must know she's a total loser (how can she not?) and maybe she's figured out the only way to survive is to use big words so nobody can understand her (except the teachers... who she is best friends with).

Then she asked us what we thought of her idea for the play. And I could just tell the way she asked that she expected us to bow down and hand her the Academy Award or something. Not wanting to be rude or anything, I just told her I didn't think it "worked." Miguel and Chaz were not as kind as me, in fact, Chaz said he thought her idea "sucked." Then Becca started acting like a total baby. I mean she actually started yelling at us that we didn't have enough brains to recognize a brilliant idea when we saw one... or heard one, or whatever. And while she's going on and on about this dumb idea of hers which nobody got... I'm sitting there pretending to be all sympathetic but actually I'm thinking "If she's so smart how come she doesn't have a clue?" She really doesn't. Not about anything that matters, like what to wear and what to do with her hair or how to get a guy to notice you and what to say to him when he does. If I could just give her a few pointers... all right lots of pointers... she might, like, well, become a better person. And that's when I got my brilliant idea. About the play. 'Cause the way I see it, if Becca keeps on the way she's going, she will always be an outsider and me... well, I'm just naturally an insider, so it's kinda like a good deed for me to want to help her. So I thought that our group play could be like a different kinda "Clueless" where the main character isn't really together. Alicia Silverstone but a dork... a real clueless chick.. a girl like... Becca! And I would be the clue-full girl who wants to help her become an Insider. And there could be this prom or something and does a make-over for Becca's character and my character sets her up on a blind date with the geeky cousin of my character's boyfriend (who should definitely be played by Miguel, uh... the boyfriend, not the geeky cousin... the cousin should be played by Chaz... not that he's geeky, but he's the only other guy in the group and no way do I want him to play my boyfriend.)

Miguel and Chaz really liked my idea. No surprise that Becca was totally rude and actually laughed at me in this mean, superior kind of way! But who cares? We voted and my idea won! And you may not believe it, but I am actually excited about this class project now! This play is going to rock.




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