Miguel's Journal




Entry #4: It's just a movie...right?


I've been thinking a lot about Dee and what happened at the movies last weekend. I can't figure out why she left. Okay, she didn't like the movie, but why was she so mad at me? And later when it was over and I came outside with Ray and Trevor, she didn't even talk to me. She just took her brother's hand and walked away real fast.

I decided to talk to Sophia about it, because my sister knows about women and she has always told me the truth whenever I ask her anything. So I told her about what happened and asked her what she thought that was all about. She said that it sounded to her like there was something in the movie that really offended Dee. I told her what was going on in the movie right at the time Dee left, and she said that maybe Dee didn't like the way the men in the movie were treating the women. Then I told her that it wasn't serious. That everyone in the movies was laughing at that part. Then Sophia said that if I was laughing at a movie where men were showing disrespect to women, and Dee saw me, then maybe she though I treat women that way too! And that's why she was so mad.

I told Sophia that it sounded like feminist garbage to me. I mean, I couldn't believe that a girl as cool as Dee would actually think that stuff that happens in a movie has anything to do with real life.

Then Sophia asked me why I was laughing. Did I think that treating women that way was a funny thing? I said "no" of course not. Then she asked me what I would do if some guys made comments about her breasts and I heard them? I told her it would make me mad and I would tell them to shut up and have respect for my sister. Then Sophia smiled at me. And she said, "You see, Miguel. You are a good man, because you know that a good man treats women with respect. But when you laugh along with those other idiots in the movies, then anyone who sees you believes that you are just another idiot." Then she said she had some reading to do for this sociology class she is taking at the community college.

I thought a lot about what she said and it made sense to me. No wonder Dee left! She didn't like the movie and if I liked it, then she didn't like me!

So I went outside in the backyard and thought about what I could do to change Dee's mind about me. To let her know that I'm not an idiot and that I do know how to treat a woman with respect. I thought about calling her up, but what would I say?

"Hello, Dee. This is Miguel. I just wanted to let you know that I respect you and would never make any comments about your breasts. I never even noticed your breasts..."

Wait! That's stupid. I can't say that. And besides, it's not even true. I have noticed her breasts. And her eyes and her hair and her teeth. I've even noticed her legs. So I can't lie about it. But I'm not about to tell her either! Oh, man. This is weird. I really like Dee. So how can I let her know I'm not that kind of guy when maybe I really am?




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