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With Annie gone,
Whose eyes to compare to the morning sun?
Not that I did compare,
But I do compare
Now that she's gone.

--Leonard Cohen

I'm feeling down.

Sadness can creep up slowly like fog slinking toward the shore or slam into us out of nowhere like a runaway train thundering up the tracks. Sometimes we just can't find a single thing to smile about. We feel so sorry for ourselves we wish our lives were different, even that we were different people than who we are. Sometimes we regret things we've done that have hurt other people. Or we're upset about things other people have done to us. Sometimes we feel like crying and we don't have a clue why...

Why Am I Sad?

When you feel sad try to figure out why. This isn't always easy. Sometimes a small thing triggers the sadness but what's really making you sad is something bigger that you are being reminded of. Sadness usually comes from the feeling that you have lost something (a relationship, a chance to do something, a favorite thing). Sometimes it comes from being disappointed. Who or what have you lost? Who has disappointed you?

What Can I Do?

Talk things over with someone. You're in the middle of things, and they're not. So if you want to feel better, pick a person to talk to. Make sure he or she is a really good listener. Someone you trust who's not going to tell you what to do or try to fix things for you. (You can do that yourself once you've figured out what's going on.) Another option, if you want to keep your feelings to yourself, is to write them down in a diary or a notebook. Either way, you can step back and examine the situation.

After you've talked with your friend or written in your notebook, it's time to check in with your body. Need some food? Something to drink? Sleep? How about a little exercise or some fresh air? Needing any of these things can make your sadness seem worse than it is.

Sometimes a change of scenery can really help. No kidding! Getting out of the house (if that's cool with your parents) or just getting out of your room can work. Think of something you like to do and make plans to do it! Having something to look forward to is a natural mood elevator. Remember, you know yourself like nobody else does.

You have the power to make yourself feel better.

All it takes is wanting to and some tender loving care.

Sometimes intense sadness that you just can't shake is really depression. You may need some professional help to get unstuck from it.


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