Entry #13: Life is not as simple as it used to be.


I can't stop thinking about the fact that Becca asked me out. I mean, it just makes zero sense to me and then I got it! Yeah, I was riding on my skateboard, the sun was still warm and there were a couple of those puffy white clouds near the horizon. I was thinking that no way did it feel like December, not even in California and then it just came to me. Becca doesn't really want to go out on a date with me. Not really. She's just testing to see if I was being honest when I said it was all right with me for us to just be friends!

Yeah! That was it. Just a test. But then I thought, Wait a minute! Since I said no - that I thought we should just be friends. And that's what she really wanted us to be, then why did she have that weird hurt expression on her face? Why did she act like that wasn't the answer she expected or wanted to hear. I don't get it. I mean I thought I did, but now I don't again.

I skate boarded over to the park to try to clear my mind. We've got a section that has been set aside just for skateboards. It's really cool and it's a good thing it's there. Not many towns have a skate park so we're pretty lucky. Before they built it kids were skate boarding in parking lots. And the cops were always hassling us. Then this one kid got hit by a car. It wasn't his fault, the driver wasn't even looking, but that kind of changed people's minds about how important the skate park was. So after that they hauled ass and did what they needed to do to build it, with ramps and everything. Very cool. And the kid who got hit by the car, he was there on opening day. He had just broken his arm when the car hit him. He didn't think that was any reason he should stay off his board, but, well, his parents were there, and this reporter from local news station. So he decided to be cool. He cut the ribbon to officially open the park and he got his picture in the paper.

Anyway, there were a lot of kids at the park this afternoon. Even some very little dudes who were jut learning. Reminded me of myself when I was 8 or so and got my first board. It was used, of course, but blue with a silver streak down the middle. I thought it was very cool. Still have it, though I don't use it anymore. Maybe someday I'll give it to my kid. Anyway, when I looked at all these little guys I kept thinking back on how simple my life was then, only I didn't know it. I had all these things that bothered me. I thought they were like major problems, like how was I gonna get my mom to buy me whatever the cool shoes of the month were, and lame stuff like that. What a joke to think any of that mattered. And now all I want is to figure out Becca and the meaning of life.

Man, times have changed.




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