Entry #13: Do I or don't I?


I talked to Dee about her problem with Miguel. Actually she doesn't have a problem with Miguel at all. She has a major problem with that creep Juan. I can't believe he was so sketchy.

Some girls might think "Big deal, so he tried to kiss her." But I don't see it that way at all and I told Dee that this is sexual harassment and it is a big deal. If you don't want a guy near you and he's not listening, that's sexual harassment.

It makes me mad just to think about that slime ball coming on the Dee. And then threatening her and trying to scare her into being quiet about it or he's going to tell Miguel some filthy lie. Ohhh! That's the worst part!

So I told her that she needs to talk to a counselor. Ms. Harden is very cool. She'd take this seriously I know she would. And that way Dee can stop carrying around this huge secret and stop feeling like she's the one who did something wrong. Ms. Harden will probably give her good advice about what she can do about this.

I've been so upset thinking about Dee and what happened to her that I haven't really spent much time thinking about my own problems. I guess that's good, in a way, but the thing about problems is that not thinking about them doesn't make them go way. When you remember them, they are still there.

JoAnn called me to tell me that my mother told her mother that I was rude to my parents. And that I had told them that I didn't care what they said, that I was going to date my white boyfriend whether they liked it or not. Then her mother told her that I was grounded.

"Did your mother say how long I was grounded for?"

"Don't you know?"

"No. That's why I'm asking you."

"I don't know, Becca. But I can ask."

"Never mind."

"Did you really tell your parents that you are in love with Chaz?"


"But you kinda are, aren't you?'

"No! I don't know. Shut up, JoAnn." 




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