Miguel's Journal



Entry #10: Stick to your own kind.


I walked Dee to her 8th period class and started to mine when a black kid named Cleavon came up beside me. I've seen him around but I've never talked to him before. I don't remember everything he said, but basically he told me that he didn't think I should be going out with Dee. You know... the color thing. He said that he and some of the other "brothers" were not happy with the fact that Dee was dating a Hispanic guy.

Okay, so I'm not saying this came as a complete surprise to me. I mean, Marita had warned me about this a few weeks ago, but I just thought that she was being paranoid and also that she wanted me to get back with Flora. I mean, it's 1997 you know, and this racial thing is getting pretty old. When are people going to get off of it already?

Last year, in my old school, they put on the play West Side Story and I remember when some of us saw it we thought it was like, real cool and that it must be some new show or something. But then, one of the girls who was in it said that it was written more than 40 years ago. No way! We were pretty blown away by that, because, it seemed to us that not much had changed in thirty years. Then this other guy, who was also in the play, he said the director had told them that West Side Story was really based on Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare wrote that about 400 hundred years ago! Same exact thing! Stick to your own kind or we'll bust your head.

So, like I said, I wasn't surprised when Cleavon came up to me, but that doesn't mean I knew what I was supposed to say to the dude. Like I wasn't about to tell him, "Oh, sorry man. I didn't notice Dee was black. Now that you point it out to me, excuse me. I won't go out with her anymore."

No, I wasn't about to say that. Because I love Dee and also because I don't like anybody telling me who I can be friends with. And that's what I told Cleavon. I said, "Man, I don't want to cause no trouble with you or your friends, but Dee and I like each other and we don't really see how that's anybody else's business. You know?"

Then he said he was just giving me a friendly warning. And that next time, the message wouldn't be so friendly. He shoved me into the wall and walked away.

After my last class I was getting my stuff from my locker and I felt someone come up behind me. I turned real fast, cause since that thing with Cleavon I was feeling a little jumpy, but it was just Chaz. And he asked me for some advice about how he could get Becca to go out with him. I like Chaz. He's a good guy. Anyway, I told him that since he and Becca already have this friendship thing going that he should stick with that for now and see what develops. He thought that sounded like a good idea and he thanked me. I was still feeling a little paranoid, but I went to meet Dee at her locker. She and I walked out of the school together past a bunch of Hispanic kids and a bunch of black kids. I guess we're going to hear it from both sides. You know what? I don't even care!




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