Entry #5: The Playwright and the Poet.


I spent two hours writing up the play summary for Ms. Phipps. It was hard work, but it felt good to think about the play and really visualize how we could actually make it work. I realized there's something in me that enjoys imagining people in certain situations and then trying to figure out all the different ways they could react to what's going on. Maybe that's what being a playwright is about - a little like pretending to be God in a universe that you created. I mean, if I make up the characters and put them in a situations, which I also make up, then I decide what I want them to feel and say and do. Well, I guess that's playing God! (without any real responsibilities).

Just as I finished spell checking Chaz called! I was really surprised because he's never called me before. He asked how the summary was going and did I need any help, because if I did he'd be happy to come over. I told him it was all done and then he asked me to read it to him over the phone. So I did and he really liked it. He said I was a great writer and that before, when I just told him my idea, he thought the play was going to be cool, but now, after hearing my description he said he can totally visualize the whole thing and it's going to be awesome! It made me feel really good to hear him say that but also a little bit nervous because I feel like this play is kinda like my child. If Chaz and Miguel and Dee are also going to be working on it then what's it going to turn into? Since Chaz and I have talked about being totally honest I decided to tell him how I felt. And he was so sweet. He told me that he writes poetry and he totally understands that feeling of ownership. A piece of writing belongs to you and you don't want anyone to mess with it. Then he had this great idea. He said we could work together on the play like a team works on a movie. Not everybody writes, so if I'm the writer, then I get to write it. And if Miguel is into art, let him do the set design and scenery. And if Dee is into make-up and clothes, let her do make-up and costumes. Then I asked Chaz what he would be doing. And he said he'd like to be the director, if that was all right with me. I told him it was fine, in fact, I was so relieved to be the only one writing all the dialogue that I probably would have agreed to anything he said. (Well, not anything.)

Anyway, it was a great conversation and before we hung up, Chaz asked me if I'd be interested in seeing any of his poetry. I said that I would.

When I got to my locker this morning I found this:

Curving ribs

lashed tightly

TO a circular frame

IN a place

TO sit

TO retreat

INTO dreams.


seemingly safe



WITH everything


IN balance.








Wow! I'm not sure what it means, but I like the way it makes me feel to read it. It's cool not to picture anything in my mind - just feel the emotions. The fact that this poem came from Chaz' mind lets me know how much more there is inside him that I had never imagined was there.




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