Miguel's Journal




Entry #1: Where are my compadres?


The kids is this town are really different from where I used to live. They have much more money and newer cars. They also spend a lot of time badmouthing their parents. How they don't give them enough money and how they think it's cheap that their parents make them fill up the car with gas. I don't like to hear that. My parents have worked really hard to get me and my sisters and my brother a nice place to live and good food to eat. It seems wrong to talk badly about people who love you. Maybe that's the way white kids are. Also, some of the guys... when they see me they act like they think I'm going to jump 'em or something. I'm not looking for no trouble. I had enough of that in my old school. But if they want to start something with me... they'll wish they hadn't. Some of the girls are friendly. They are skinny but cute. Some wear too much make-up and dress like they are hookers. I'm sure they are not, but still... my sister says that a woman who has self-respect is very beautiful to a man. I'm not saying there's no good people at this school... there might be... I just haven't met anyone that I can hang out with. But I am patient. I can wait and find out who the real compadres are.

The teacher wants us to write down our impressari...  I don't know the word.. but it means like, how we see these other kids in our group.

Chaz - He's got some fast moves on his skateboard. That's something I'd like to try. I started to talk to him once, you know, just say "hi" but he just walked away.

Dee - She is one of the girls who wears a lot of make up. She has nice teeth and is very friendly to everyone. People seem to like her.

Becca - This is a very intelligent girl who seems so serious... it's like inside she is an old woman. She is always carrying books and using big words. She has friends who know a lot about computers.




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